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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Garden

Each year I visit a good number of gardens. They are always inspiring to me, filled with ideas, new plant material, a wonderful expression of passion.

The feeling though of being in my own garden, is almost impossible to describe. There's passion for the plant material that is growing there. Joy for the successes I've had. Dreams are made each and every day and hope always abounds.

Maybe that's why the depths of winter are so hard on gardeners. Looking out at the bleak, dreary landscape, it's hard to imagine that it will one day be lush and green.

I didn't have the heart to photograph the dingy piles of old snow, covered with thrown bits of gravel. The mushy muddy ruts in the driveway are even less attractive, not much interest in the plant material that's out there either.

I'm so grateful for my photos, they are my window to what was and what will be once again. Yesterday I finally fulfilled one of my major "to-do's" and downloaded all my photo files onto a new external hard drive. I think that if I lost all my windows, my life would truly be dark.

So a reminder to all of you, I'm always encouraging you to take photos in your garden. Well, don't forget to back them up too!

Off to gaze out some more windows,

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  1. Hi Melanie! This is an entirely random place for an entirely random offer, but I don't see an email contact for you so here I am. I recently broke my beautiful Le Creuset dutch oven - kiwi green, 5 quart. They replaced it for me at a very good discount, and didn't ask for the broken one back. It has a crack through the cast iron near the top, making it unsuitable for cooking, but I was thinking it would be a cute planter and I know you have that spot in your garden with all sort of funky stuff you have turned into planters. If you'd like the pot, I could drop it off sometime. I know I'm less likely to get around to using it myself so I figured I'd ask you. :-) You can email me at if you want it!


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