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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


With February almost at an end, and March just around the corner, we are experiencing the big "meltdown". Ok, maybe it's not so big, that is, it's not like temperatures are a balmy 50 degrees.

Still, with days 6-8 degrees above freezing and now lots of rain, we are finally getting some snow melt.

These photos were taken just over a week ago when we experienced our second blizzard of the season. While I can honestly say I'm tired of shoveling the walk, driveway and a path to the mailbox, I must also admit newly fallen snow is beautiful.

As beautiful as the snow is, it was quite a chore to go out and knock it off the branches. Many of my evergreen branches hang over the power lines here so leaving the snow on them isn't a great idea.

Take it from me though, don't throw your only snow shovel up in the tree to knock off the snow...also, don't throw the rest of your shoves in the tree to knock down the snow shovel. My advice? Find a ten foot long piece of PVC pipe and use it to get all those shovels and snow out of the trees.

Any of you who've read my blog for a long period of time have seen photos of my garden bicycle. Even in the snow it looks adorable, doesn't it?

If anybody is home here, they're going to be awfully cold...

But for those of you with the winter blahs (and who among us doesn't have those blahs?) this photo was taken February 20, 2008 so potentially this what's waiting under all that snow.

So take heart, spring is truly around the corner!