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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Peconic River Herb Farm

It's finally here! It's Spring!!
If only I could rush outside and see dew drops on my ladies mantle. Unfortunately most of our beds are still covered in snow or dusty leaves. It will be two more weeks before I uncover everything so right now I'm still living in anticipation mode.

Alchemilla mollis (Ladies mantle) is one of my "can't live without" perennials. I always explain it by saying it's like adding crown molding to a bare painted wall. Ladies mantle makes all of it's companions look fabulous. It's the ultimate tapestry plant.

There are no visions of sugarplums dancing in my head right now. The only visions are of the garden centers and nurseries that I will be visiting in a very short time. Luckily we have so many of them available to us here on Long Island. This year I hope to adventure out and try a few north and west of New York city too.

Peconic River Herb farm is a must visit nursery for any gardener on Long Island. Pack a picnic lunch and a chilled bottle of champagne, there's plenty of places to sit and have lunch.

I love all their quirky garden art like this planted wheelbarrow.

Last year it was cold and rainy when I visited the herb farm but it didn't stop me from taking photos and buying plants too. They have a fabulous selections of herbs (of course) but also a surprisingly large selection of perennials, annuals, shrubs and small trees. The staff there is super helpful too.

If you get to visit, save time to walk the large grounds. You'll find all kinds of plant combinations and ideas every which way you turn. There's many mature trees so you'll get lots of ideas for semi-shade areas if that's your style. I love this combination of Epemedium, Dicentra spectablis (bleeding hearts) and Podophyllum (May apples).

The rustic charm and sounds of nature will whisk you away to a place far far away from home. 
I can't wait to go back again this May. Maybe I'll see some of you there...

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We are all bundled up inside while the wind and rain and sleet swirls around us. Long Island was under a blizzard warning today but temperatures rose just above freezing so it's pretty much rain now.

Spring is just around the corner and it's all I can do to keep from starting to clean up the garden. I've always been a perennial kind of gal but last season one of the stars of the garden was my Coleus on the front porch. You can bet I'm going to add more of these.

Sitting out on the front porch is one of  my favorite pastimes. You can see how small the Coleus was at first.

Total sun is hard to find here at our little cottage. Wherever I find it I tuck in some succulents.

The front curb was wasted space so it too became part of the garden.

This post is mostly a test, there have been so many changes to blogger that I'm playing around to see if I can post again. I miss my garden friends!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rainy Day Garden Tours

Today was a tough day to be a gardener. I'm in the middle of a 3 months shift at work that has me covering Saturdays. In exchange I get a day off during the week and I've promised myself to spend the day as a gardener. Drizzle, fog, rain and temperatures in the high 40's were a challenge but I refused to back down. First stop was SUNY Farmingdale, they were having a plant sale and my daylily friends would be there. This place is just magical to me.

The large kitchen gardens are still waiting for most of it's plant material to arrive but there were still lots of things to see like this cracked but still beautiful trough.

Tucked into a wooded walk was a cheerful spring planting combination.

So much blue, I just love it!

The white trees were perfect with the underplanting of blue. The challenge was taking good photographs as I was protecting my camera from the weather and my fingers were numb.

A large planting of Allium reminded me that before their spectacular blooms the foliage already poops out and gets quite ratty.

A nice little woodland walk

This spot was perfect, I could have taken a dozen photos here.

Pulmonaria in all it's glory! This is a plant I need to get for our cottage garden.

Well one thing for sure, when it rains the Alchimella molls (Ladie's mantle) is going to show off!

Next stop was Peconic River Herb Farm all the way out in Calverton. The rain was more steady here and my poor fingers really froze but I still took my time and checked out every corner of this heavenly place.

I don't think it's possible to take a bad photo of this potting shed.

Early spring bloomers were competing for attention. Epimedium, Dicentra and May Apples, oh my!

The grounds were empty, only a half dozen employees busily filling every nook and cranny with new plants for Mother's Day coming this Sunday. 

How do you like this window box? I just adore it.

One more close up look. So yes, I'm back, I've got a darling cottage garden and I'm going to write all about it. Today's post was driven by all the photos I shot today but no worries, I'll be sharing all kinds of information on perennials that do well here for me.