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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Oh the places I’ve been...

Although I haven't been blogging over the last years I have not stopped visiting as many gardens as time allows. Just last week while my family was skiing in Vail Colorado I walked through the Betty Ford Alpine Garden. As beautiful as it was in winter I hope I get to see it some day in full bloom.

Two years ago Andy and I went to Germany. We visited public gardens and stunning castle gardens but nothing was better than the visits to my Aunt's garden and my cousin's garden. I truly discovered my roots and the origin of my love of gardening.

I took many photos in the public gardens and the castle gardens. 

This blog is just an opening chapter to highlight some of the sights I've seen the last few years. With February winds blowing through our bare trees and howling down the chimney I thought I'd come up with a topic to fuel my garden dreams. Spring is just around the corner, or so we hope.

One of our more adventurous trips was this past August. We took a Harley Davidson trip to Nantucket where the gardens, window boxes and beaches took my breath away.

There were hikes in amazing places with wonderful friends,

Shopping in new "instantly favorite" locations,

and visits to family members where we swapped plants.

Sometimes there were just walks around our charming Centerport which is just chock full of lovely gardens. So check in every now and then and come along with me to the places I've been.

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