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Monday, November 9, 2009

Too soft hearted

This morning when I was photographing my troughs (not bad looking for mid November!) I noticed a recurring theme. Volunteers.

Volunteer plants are seedlings that pop up in your garden, whether you planted them or not.

In this pot you can see the volunteer Digitalis (Fox Glove) seedlings at the back. You can bet I didn't put them there but of course I don't have the heart to pull them. If they are still there come spring I will wiggle them out and give them a new home (maybe to you???).

How's this for volunteering! These Verbascum bombyciferum seedlings have volunteered to totally take over the large concrete planter. I doubt that the Sempervivum 'Oddity' that's planted in there is too happy about this new neighbor but soft hearted as I am, I leave these too until spring.

This trough has been one of my favorites. It won a blue ribbon at our flower show this past June and will soon be moving to a new home. My friend Kim asked me to donate one of my troughs for a wonderful charity called "Hope through Health". So this lovely trough will be on the raffle table this coming Saturday night. I'm so excited for it!

The other day when I showed Kim the trough, I saw these little seedlings growing in it. I think they are Isolepsis seedlings (Fiber-optic grass) and if I get the chance I'm going to wiggle them out and pot them up. Isolepsis isn't always hardy here so I'd bring these babies in and try to overwinter them on my super-crowded windowsill.

Off to rake some leaves and then to work.

Happy Monday! It's my favorite day of the week :-)

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