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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hosta as Accent Plants

A garden without Hosta is...well...just missing something! There are many parts of the world in which Hosta don't grow but if you live where they flourish, then you really should be planting these beauties in your garden.

In my garden I've learned to use Hosta as accent plants. While they are certainly spectacular on their own, planted in a mass, I can't help but use them singularly to add foliage accents to a planting combination.

Hosta will tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions but if you want them to shine, give them lots of compost and water. The darker colors, especially the blue ones require shade. The lighter leaves prefer more sunshine.

Even with nothing in bloom yet I have lots of color to look at thanks to the various Hosta and the purple leaves on the Ligularia 'Britt Marie Crawford'.

Probably the number one eye-catcher in this bed is Hosta 'Liberty'. It's a slow grower so I haven't had a piece to share out yet.

New varieties of Hosta are often sports of existing hosta (a sport is sort of a mutation). In the center of this photo is Hosta 'Sagae', one of the best landscaping Hosta in my opinion. 'Liberty' in the previous photo is a sport of 'Sagae'. They have the same upright growth, and similar leaf shapes but 'Liberty' has a wider gold edge. Pretty cool, huh?

Off to play in the garden, it's too bright out there to take any photos right now.



  1. Very nice compositions with hosta; the individual beauty of each hosta stands out rather than smeared into a sea of hostas or other vegetation. Totally agree that 'Sagae' is one of the most ornamental hostas.

  2. I love Hostas! I have around 10 kinds now.
    They even make a nice bouquet!


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