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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Plans

With a whole new garden, complete with different growing conditions than those I had in the past, planning is key. Having spent much of the last year moving and making career changes, I did not do much gardening at all at my new cottage. In fact, in retrospect I wish I had done a bit more and moved some of my prized plants to my new location. A few of my Epimediums came here with me, I hope the one in this opening photo was one!

One good thing that came of that year off was the chance for me to watch what was already growing at my new place. I was able to learn quite a bit about the soil and growing conditions here.

The time to begin working in the garden is almost upon us, most neighbors are already busy in the clean up stage. Luckily for me, my landlord does an amazing job on that. This weekend though we are expecting wonderful weather and I will be out there inspecting the newly emerging growth.

You see, not only did I down-size drastically but I also went from being a home owner to a home renter. Being a tenant changes my whole focus. I have the whole cottage and garden to myself and my landlord has been totally open to allowing me the freedom to do what ever my heart desires.

When you don't own a home and don't know how many years you'll be there, you are more reluctant to spend large amounts of money on plants that might take years to mature.

Photos of my cottage will be posted soon, a new camera is being shipped to me as I write this :-)

The cottage I live in has been in the same family since it was built (way more than 50 years). The gardens are darling, chock full of heritage perennials. Many of them are slightly (if not more than slightly) invasive. Plants that need TLC just wouldn't make it there.

I will have to find a few slips of the violets from my old garden and tuck them in here. Enough of my friends have pieces, so it's just a matter of time.

Container plantings will become much more of a focus. Especially since I will now be gardening in shady conditions. My inspiration will come from the many photos I have of containers in my friend Gianna's garden. She's one of the most talented container-designers that I know.

Accents in the containers are also an addition that I will be looking at. Anything to add more interest from day one until well after the growing season has finished.

So as my title says, I have "Big Plans"!


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  1. Interesting blog. I am just gaining an interest in gardening and herbs. I will be checking this out in the future.


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