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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do you do Annuals?

This morning was nice and cloudy so I grabbed my camera and headed out in hopes of shooting hundreds of photos. As it turns out the day quickly cleared up and become a spectacular late summer day. Wonderful for all the people spending time outdoors but too sunny to continue my photo tour.

Still, I managed to get a few good shots in that first hour.

We are lucky to be surrounded with charming villages. This time of year the annual plantings are really hitting their stride.

How do you like this photo of the pink petunias, blue scaevola and the amazing yellow tropical Hibiscus?

Here you can see the full planting in front of the Cold Spring Harbor Fire House Museum. Ever since I was a little girl my mom would bring me to Cold Spring Harbor during the holidays. It's as charming as any town can get.

Here's the simple planting of petunias and scaevola. How simple and yet how delightful they look spilling out of the stone walled bed.

Up close you can see how neat and clean the Scaevola is. The Petunias had dead blooms that needed to be pinched off but the Scaevola was just perfect.

Across the street I found the same pink petunias planted in a whiskey barrel full of ribbon grass. Another simple yet affective combination. I also found another beautiful planting across the street but that is going to be my next post.

If you know of a spot with great annuals on Long Island, let me know as I need to take more photos.


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