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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The last Hoorah

What a great weekend for gardening. Even though yesterday was a wet, drizzly day, I spent hours outside weeding the front garden. It was perfect conditions to take out perennial seedlings and pot them up. How cool is this double Platycodon seedling?

I have a small double Platycodon plant in the same area, it never grew as vigorously as the single variety but it has returned reliably for at least 5 years now. This seedling was found a few feet away.

Platycodon are hard to transplant or divide because of their tap root. A tap root is a long single carrot-like root. When dividing Platycodon, I get my long perennial shovel and make sure I dig very deep before trying to pry the plant out of the ground.

The hardy Begonias are still blooming like mad. Not too many seed pods yet, they are even prettier than the blooms! I potted up a few of them, they don't seem to mind being moved at all so I will try to get a few more out of the ground in the next day or two.

Besides these beauties I've been potting up a few Corydalis and Digitalis (fox gloves). This coming Saturday will be my last hoorah. A big plant sale day and then it's time to close for the season. On Friday I will be digging and dividing Hosta like crazy. Stop by in the afternoon if you want to see how it's done.


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