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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lecture in Douglaston

This afternoon I'll be lecturing in Douglaston to the Douglaston Garden Club. I just love lecture days!!! The program they booked is "Garden Junque" and it's one of my all time favorite programs. It's just such a fun program because it's chock full of all kinds of things people use to accent their gardens such as the blue bowling ball in this photo.

I have a huge collection of slides and digital images showing various garden accents. This potted man was the inspiration that had me make my own potted lady (she's a little sad right now and understandably camera shy).

As I posted on my other blog, there are lots of great ideas for garden seating areas, furniture, walkways and more. This program makes me itch to go on another garden tour. Most of my photos have come from convention garden tours, I haven't been on one in three years now. Maybe next year I'll be able to fit a few into my schedule.

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