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Monday, September 28, 2009

Time flies...

These photos were taken three years ago...not in some island resort, just a few miles away from here at Sunken Meadow State Park here on Long Island. They were taken at the end of September so the birds that were in these photos should be at the same stage now.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting a friend for my first spin class, I'm working on the "goodbye butt"...don't's a girl thing :-)

Anyway, after the class I hope to get to stop at the park and take a few shots.

I do hope the cormorants will be there, I've revisited this spot several times during other seasons but have never seen them there again. Perhaps they are migrating?

If nothing else, I will enjoy the quiet time, back to nature, a place I've missed in the past few hectic weeks.

Even if the birds aren't there it should be stunning, don't you think so?


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  1. Beautiful spot, Melanie. I could just sit here and relax for a few hours ;)


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