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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall experiments

If you live on Long Island (just east of New York city) or in a similar zone, you are probably in the midst of fall clean-up.

With 1.3 acres here at Old Country Gardens, it's going to take me right through to New Years to get the garden closed up. Some chores though need to be done sooner than that.

One of my experiments this year was to plant Hosta, Ivy and Lamiastrum in the two hanging baskets at the front of my breezeway. To be honest, I've had prettier plantings in there but these required little care at all and since I had an over-abundance of these plants, they cost me nothing to pot up. It will be interesting to see if these plants start growing again in the spring.

The breezeway still looks summery but even on warmer days I'd prefer to sit out in the sunshine now, not here in the shade. In the next week or two I'll have to pack up the cushions. Another thing I need to do (maybe later today) is take cuttings from my tender plants to bring inside.

This is also the first time I've ever grown Colocasia (Elephant ears) thanks to my neighbor Cynthia. I'm going bring this whole pot into my garage with the Phormium too and see if they'll overwinter in there.

So many things still to try. Tomorrow's my first day working at J.Crew. That's what I love about life, always another adventure waiting around the bend!

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  1. Hi Melanie! So glad to see you posting on your blog again. Good luck at your new job. Let u sknow when you'll be teaching some classes!


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