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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Late October Blooms

Well, I certainly can't say this is a very attractive photo. Still, it does show something that's blooming in my garden today, October 25th. A beautiful single, white Anemone japonica, I believe the variety is 'Honorine Jobert'.

One consideration I should have had was to place very late blooming perennials in spots that would be more noticeable. So take note from my mistake, this beauty is in the back yard well behind the pool and I don't spend much time back there at all this time of year.

Here's a pretty pass-along Chrysanthemum given to me by my friend Gianna. It's name is long lost but it's beauty still shines. Thankfully I had a bit more forethought with this one and there's a clump along my driveway.

Of course the grasses are blooming like crazy. Today we had the most wonderful fall weather, tons of sunshine and the birds were everywhere. After yesterday's storm the ground was littered with branches and leaves and I spent at least 8 hours outside raking and cleaning.

Can't say my arms, shoulders or back are feeling that great. To tell the truth though, my hands hurt the worst. I'm not looking forward to doing the entire fall clean-up on my own. Believe it or not, I got my 16 year old daughter to help rake today! I don't think she's ever held a rake before so I was truly grateful for her help.


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  1. I believe the chrysanthemums are called "Sheffield Pink". I have had them growing in my garden for years now and I simply love them...


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