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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Containers

Container planting has to be one of the most rewarding types of gardening. When it comes to containers, you can be in full control. Chose the ideal type of soil, the bloom season, the light conditions (after all, you can move those containers around) and of course, the watering requirements.

Just the other day I posted about ferns in the spring gardens. Ferns are wonderful in containers, this photo was taken the other day in the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago.

For those of you who haven't read my other blog, Old Country Gardens, I've just returned from the most wonderful four days in Chicago. The plantings were amazing, street corners, parks, median strips, sidewalk plantings and of course lots and lots of containers.

I thought I was taking too many photos but as usual, I now wish I had taken twice as many!

Visible from the hotel room window was this amazing array of planters. Best of all was getting to walk past it several times a day.

The weather was quite harsh, cold downpours, gusting winds and bright sunny days with nights near freezing. Yet look how lovely these hardy spring plants look!

The color combinations were spectacular, I couldn't get enough of the blues and once you add some gold, wowza!

Color combinations don't have to be hot or cold, I found this yellow, green and white arrangement very pleasing.

Putting all those colors together was even better, you could hardly guess that it was so cold that my fingers were numb while pressing on the camera button.

Three cheers to the folks of Chicago for showcasing such a lovely city!



  1. Your containers are amazing! Good job! But I don't think it's hard work for you, you love it just as I do!

  2. Loved your Chicago pictures, the planters are motivating me to get some spring gardening chores done here!


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