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Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Ferns

There's something about ferns that fascinates me. When it comes to the botanical names, I'm totally lost. Even the common name often eludes me but I just love ferns in the garden.

This top image is a fern that showed up here without me planting it. If I had to guess, I'd call it a hay scented fern. It does smell yummy when you pot it up and drive around with it in your car.

The Cinnamon Fern is another one that I've been adding here and there. I just adore this fuzzy stage as they first begin to grow and that cool cinnamon stalk that emerges in late spring is bonus.

Last year I saw a lone fern for sale at Fox Hollow Farm. It didn't have a name tag but I just had to add it to the garden. For some reason I couldn't find a photo of it from last season so I'll have to wait and shoot one this year. It formed a perfect whirl, round and round.

Probably the ugliest fern in the beginning of the season is the Japanese Painted Fern. It almost looks like it's dead and yet each day more of it emerges.

Here's one of the few shots I could find of a fern once it's totally unfurled from it's early spring stage. Not a great photo, I do know this is one of the Painted Ferns, possibly 'Ghost'.

Got Ferns? Let me know what does well for you!


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