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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heucheras are here!

The Heucheras are here! Today I went out and picked up two kinds of Heucheras, 'Miracle' and 'Pinos Gris'. Although 'Caramel' was available, I didn't think the pots looked that great (they were quite dried out).

The Hosta 'June' was available too but the version I saw today had almost no blue in it at all so I passed on those.

Here's a closer look at those Heucheras, aren't they darling?

I also bought lots of different herbs and of course I couldn't resist picking up more hypertufa containers. Herbs do well in containers so I think this will be a natural.

On Saturday afternoon I did another run over at Fox Hollow Farms and totally stocked up on the darling little Hosta. The dark one in this photo is 'Allan P. McConnell' and I think it's the cutest thing ever.

Here's hoping we get a nice, soft, soaking rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Then back to the garden we go :-)

Tomorrow I can always plant up hypertufa pots while standing in my garage.

Off to cook dinner,

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  1. Love it all! Your site and plants are the most wanted right now. How smart of you to be in the know.


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