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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Creatures great and small

Look carefully behind the Monarda stem. Do you see what I see? Yes, the hummingbird is still here, now it visits the stands of Monarda in the back and the front yards. If I knew they'd come for the Monarda, I'd have let it grow out of bounds years ago.

Another hunt and seek here. I have such fun looking for small things through my lens. The blooms here are Veronicastrum, just beginning to bloom.

These drumstick alliums have been featured in my blog before. Obviously they are well loved by other creatures too.

Standing by the Echinacea, there are so many butterflies and moths flying around that it's a wonder they don't tangle in my hair. I could stand there for hours and hours watching them.

Yes! It's a Monarda and Yes! It's not red! Now just how cool is that ;-)

Off to bed, tomorrow (today for most of you readers) is a long day. I'll be at Planting Fields arboretum and Martin Viette's nursery for most of the day.


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