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Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's in bloom today?

Just a few photos tonight. The weather here has been on and off again, rain, sun, clouds, and then rain. Today I took a few photos, the Campanula punctata has begun to bloom. I love this plant because it's so unusual to see it in any garden but it is as invasive as can be. Still, I can't live without it.

A few years ago I tried a new Thalictrum, this variety is 'Elin'. The tag said it would grow 6' tall, it's well over that this year.

I'm not sure I'm sold yet on this photo but this is a cropped/zoomed photo of the bloom on Thalicatrum 'Elin'. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a better shot.

One of my favorite daylilies (when you have over 400 different varieties that's saying quite a bit) is 'Radiation Biohazard'. I don't know what I like better, the bloom or the name ;-)

Of course my garden wouldn't be complete without Monarda 'Jacob Kline'. It must be my destiny to only grow red monarda because I keep buying different varieties and they always turn out to be red. I've seen so many pink and purple ones growing in other gardens but here... nope, they're red. Guess I shouldn't complain, they are just stunning right now.
One last shot for tonight, Lady Luck was on my side as I caught the buds of an Alium bloom unfurling from their cover. In the next few days I expect quite a few of these to open up.

Off to bed now, my head's not in the right place to post more tonight. Hope to see some of you here in the garden!


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