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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take a look!

The gardens continue to explode with blooms but sometimes it's the foliage that grabs you. One of the best Hosta here is 'Dream Weaver'. It's grown to a large specimen size and this year (well maybe this week) it is my favorite Hosta.

Another shade plant that has foliage which stops everybody in their tracks is this Brunnera. I'm guessing this is the variety 'Jack Frost' although it could also be 'Looking Glass'. The foliage is rough and hairy so the slugs seem to be staying away. Unfortunately this has been a banner year for slugs.

Those alliums I've been photographing in the last two weeks are really putting on a show now. I love the pink heart on this one.

Another phenominal hardy Geranium is this varitey 'Jolly Bee' which has been blooming non stop since I bought it in May. What a delightful plant.

Last but certainly not least, the incredibly bright yellow blooms on Ligularia stenocephala 'Little Rocket' which is doing a great job of settling in here in semi-shade.

Off to run a multitude of errands, I'll be back to update the sales info asap.


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