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Friday, July 10, 2009

Daylily Close-ups

One of the newer focus of daylily hybridizers are "teeth". They are sharp edges on the petals. This daylily 'Double Pompon' has some wonderful teeth on it, the funny thing is it's from 1972 so I guess those teeth have been around longer than anybody realized.

'Curly Cinnamon Windmill' has to be in my top 5 favorites. When you've grown hundreds and hundreds of different varieties, that's saying quite a bit! I am going to have a hard time leaving this daylily behind and will have to gift the whole clump to somebody nearby so I can visit it.

Karol Emmerich's 'Cast Your Net' has the most romantic pattern etched in Lavender. I don't really collect patterned daylilies, they look amazing when you stop and stare but I tend to choose plants on their overall design value in a garden.

Another Karol Emmerich's (the name escapes me right now) has been opening perfectly every day. Karol lives in Minnesota and if you want to collect daylilies that are hardy here on Long Island, then try some of her beauties!

One of my favorite hybridizers is Tom Polston of Dayton Ohio. Tom's daylilies are rock solid hardy and beautiful to boot. This is 'Raspberry Goosebumps', what a delicious name :-)

'Frosted Amethyst' is another older variety, I find that more and more often I fall in love with the older, tried and true varieties instead of the newest creations.

'Try It' was on the wish list of all three visitors today. These lucky ladies were first to sign up to reserve plants that will be dug in the next few weeks. Just about everything here will be up for sale so if you get a chance, stop by and put your name on some true collectors plants.

Today was a tiring day so I think I'll get to bed early. I never got to live-head the daylilies this evening, that means getting out there right after dawn tomorrow morning.

Sweet dreams,


  1. Melanie, I'm drooling over each and every one of these beautiful pictures..your display must be amazing these past weeks...i'll email for a private tour :)

  2. They are amazing! I just love daylilies, can't have enough....France


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