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Saturday, April 11, 2009

How did you find me?

How did you find me? Let me count the ways...

1. Did you come across this blog just by a random search?

2. Did you come to this blog because you saw me mention it on my other blog?

3. Did you drive past my house and see my super-de-duper home made piece of cardboard sign? (There is a real sign on it's way here as I type this, really, I promise!)

The internet is the most amazing thing. It has made the world so much smaller. I can sit in my dining room here on Long Island (just east of New York City) and type on my lap top. The words I write are shared with people all over the world, people in other parts of the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain and even Vietnam.

The reason I started this second blog is that Long Island is such a heavily populated area which has been blessed with a wonderful climate for gardening. (Frustratingly though it's raining yet once again.) There's got to be a better way to get the gardening word out here on this island. The reporters at our local papers are trying but the editors of the papers themselves haven't committed to the gardening community.

Yesterday an article about me came out in the local paper. I had hoped it would have this blog address so I could share my years of information with local gardeners. Unfortunately, the address for this blog wasn't there (I'm sure there was a space allotment and quite a bit had already been allocated to the article). To make matters worse, I must have given the wrong address for my other blog, Melanie's Old Country Garden so I don't even expect to meet more gardeners through that.

I do hope I find a better way to get the word out. By the way, those photos were not taken here although I grow almost everything you see in them. They were taken last summer while my mother and I toured Germany. See, when it comes to gardening, the world is right there in your own back yard.

It's raining too hard to even pretend I'm going to go out there. Guess I'll start cooking for Easter instead.


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  1. Hi Melonie,
    its such a shame you're so far away from us. Would love your input for making our cave house a small oasis on the cliffs of Oia Santorini.

    But if you're ever visiting the island .... ;-)
    Take a peak at our story

    Wave from the cave ~


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