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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perennials for Long Island Gardens

Tonight I had the pleasure of doing a lecture for the Dix Hills Garden Club. What a delightful group of ladies! They meet during the evening, at the Dix Hills Library. Many of them are extremely experienced gardeners but novice gardeners are welcome too.

What I enjoyed the most was knowing that they all lived within a five mile radius of my garden so we all share similar growing conditions. Shade fills many of our gardens so I could tell that the shade plants were popular like the Corydalis lutea and Iris cristata seen in the first photo.

Euphorbia polychroma is such an old fashioned plant. It's easy to grow in sunny spots and yet I rarely see it for sale. Everybody agreed that it's a beauty.

Lotsa Hosta, who could turn these lovelies away? The topic of voles came up, if you don't have them be grateful. Voles are a type of field mouse that just love to chomp away on your Hosta roots.

Another old fashioned, simple to grow, shade plant that got oohs and aahs was Lamium 'White Nancy'. I just love this flower and her sister 'Pink Nancy'.

Finally, Phlox subulata, seen here cascading over some boulders in my driveway. I do so love spring, it's the most amazing time of year!

Thanks ladies for the fun evening :-)

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