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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open for business!

Well, it looks like the Mother Nature will be smiling down upon us this weekend. That can only mean one thing, we'll be open for business!


Today's inventory count was about 240 various perennials, plus 70 daylilies, plus 50 hosta, plus approx. 100 pots of Sedums and Sempervivums.

Not everything is ready to be sold, some plants like the hardy Geraniums are just rooting now.

The Phlox is well rooted but certainly not close to blooming like you see in the opening photo.

Hosta 'Janet' is waiting for division along with a few of her beautiful friends. They are on the short to-do list (instead of the long to-do list that has things that won't get done for another month).

Coreopsis pots are soaking right now, they just started pushing up growth a few weeks ago but like the enegizer bunnies, they are primed and ready to go!

Daylily 'Dear Prudence' is one of the number of cultivars that are potted up. Lots of different varieties will be availabe, not all this week, they'll keep coming out.

What's different about the sale this year is it's not a one day sale. I hope to be open most Saturdays during the spring plus a few week days here and there. Sunday's are possibilities too, it all depends on what my family has in store for me and of course, if the weather holds.

If you come on Saturday, I'll have a sign up list for e-mail notices, remind me if I forget to tell you about it. We'll be open at 10:00 am and stay open until 4:00 pm sharp.

A quick list of what is potted up:
Columbines (very few)
Siberian Iris (blue)
Echinacea (small and few, too early in the season)
Polygonatum (a few but more to come)
Hardy Geraniums (should really wait one more week)
Lychnis coronaria (looks great)
Silene armeria (ready to go!)
Coreopsis (could wait another week)
Violas (popping into bloom as I write this)
Iris (sky blue bearded iris, to-die-for blooms)
Dicentras (these bleeding hearts are ready)
Thalictrums (wait a week)
Alchemilla mollis (needs a bit of warm weather to plump up)
Ligularia japonica (holy canoli, this plant is AWESOME!)
Sisyrinchium (looking good)
Nepetas (going to bloom soon, get them now)
Bronze Fennel (would love to be planted soon)
Euphorbia (another one that's going to start blooming any day now)
Stachys monierri (you have a bit of time with this one but get one someday!)
Sedums (some potted up, many more to come)
Daylilies: Stars Over Alabama, Faith Hope Charity, Lightning Bird, Lana Ishee, Stella De Oro, Hot Town, Always A Pleasure, Dragon King, Purple Arachne, Uncle Bryan, Sovereign Queen, Peach Magnolia, Celtic Christmas, Dear Prudence and more to come.

You can cut and past the daylily names into Google images and you'll get to see what they will look like when the bloom in July.

Hosta, right now only "lost name" plants are potted up and the leaves are just starting to unfurl. Still plenty of time to dig the named varieties. "Sum and Substance" and "Blue Angel" are both on the short to-do list.

Don't worry if you can't come on Saturday, I'll be open next weekend too.

Digging away,

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