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Monday, April 6, 2009

Taking Flight

Today is not a day to take flight in the garden. In fact, one would need a row boat to get anywhere as it has been pouring!

Last Friday I received a phone call from a local newspaper asking if they could interview me in regards to my garden. We scheduled a meeting later that afternoon but the weather Gods laughed at us and threw a thunderstorm complete with hail in our way.

Ok, we rescheduled for today. Don and I spent all yesterday from 8:00 am until dark (7:30 pm) outside getting things to look slightly more organized. Sure enough we woke to torrential downpours again. Hmmm, is there a theme going on here?

The interview went on anyway, we did it over the phone. I chose photos I've taken in the past and e-mailed them over to the reporters office. It will be interesting to see which photo is chosen to accompany the article (this second photo above was one of them).

Still, weather woes won't keep me down. Last night I ordered a banner for my front yard so everybody who drives by knows that this is the home of Melanie's Perennials. There's still lots more to do but each day brings me a bit closer.

One of my goals this week (with more rain in the forecast) is to add to this blog so that it truly reflects the gardening needs and styles of the Long Island gardener. Of course I welcome all of you from other parts of the world, what works here will work in many other locals too. But, we have a large gardening community here on Long Island and I do hope to be able to share my 23 years of gardening knowledge with as many of you as possible.

Off to post something to my other blog, Old Country Gardens,

Here's hoping for some sunshine :-)

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