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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flower Show Prep

Yesterday the local garden club I belong to held a meeting. We are hosting a flower show later this week and all kinds of last minute preparations are going on.

I belong to the Nathan Hale Garden Club, it's a federated garden club located in Huntington NY and has been around for about 77 years!

My job was to cut and bring in some examples of horticulture. Since our show will feature petite plants and designs, I had to choose petite/miniature/small/dwarf plant material.

Here you can see three different Geranium cantabrigiense varieties in flasks.

What might end up being the hardest challenge for us is finding the bottles and containers we need to exhibit our plant material. The rules tell us we must use clear glass containers and they must be in scale with our plant material.

These tiny bottles were given to me by a friend who works in a hospital. They are the perfect size for little bits of horticulture. The flasks in the top photo are the ultimate container, unfortunately I only have 4 of them. We wish we had found a source for more of these containers, many of our members are on the hunt today looking for something similar.

I hope you get the chance to stop by and see our flower show. I'll be entering my troughs in the dish garden category, right now they are overgrown from all the rain we're experiencing and I need to get out there and give them a haircut!

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