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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perennial bloom

Blooming in my garden today are the final blooms on the white Siberian Iris, I'm madly in love with them!

The Sedum senanense is just covered with tiny bright yellow blossoms.

All three varieties of Aruncus are blooming today. I've photographed all of them and will put together a post highlighting this great perennial.

Ooh look... the Kniphofia (Red hot pokers) are just about to start opening.

Still going strong are the Thalictrum aquilegium in the back of the border. Remember, if you are going to grow this variety of Thalictrum, it will take a while before you get enough plants to give you bloom that you will see. I've let my Thalictrum go to seed so there's probably a dozen plants in this spot.

Right now I'm waiting for a line of thunder storms that the radar shows will come barreling through Long Island. I need to cut blooms for a horticulture demonstration so I'd better get going!


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