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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Schedule Changes

The next two weeks are just chock full of events here at Melanie's Perennials. Right now we are experiencing the calm before the storm. There's so much green in the garden but the late spring/early summer perennials are about to explode!

This Friday evening I'll be driving down to Maryland with my daughters to attend a wedding shower on Saturday. We will be home again late Saturday night so I won't be here if you planned on stopping by. My husband will be home and will sell plants but won't be able to answer questions about them. So if you want to purchase things while I'm here, we'll be open on Sunday June 7th and just possibly Thursday (tomorrow) late afternoon and evening (check here first).

As for the weekend after this one, I will be open for business but in a different location! I belong to the local garden club, the Nathan Hale Garden club to be exact and we are holding our flower show in Huntington village at the Kissam House on Park Avenue. I'll have a sales booth there with all kinds of cool plants. You can visit me there on Friday June 12th 1:30 - 7:00pm and Saturday June 13th 10:00am - 2:00pm.

That same weekend we'll be open here on Sunday for tours, bring a friend, bring a cooler, bring your camera and note pad. By then the hardy Geraniums (first photo features Geranium nudosum) and the Tradescantias (second photo is Tradescantia 'Little Doll') will be in full swing!

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