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Sunday, June 14, 2009

White blooms

While I don't consciously seek out white flowers, there were a number of them blooming in my garden today.

The first was this nice Astilbe, white flowers, dark green foliage, unknown name. I've promised myself to photograph every Astilbe this year and note it's location in the garden.

The blooms on the variegated Kousa dogwood are still going strong even with all the rain we've had. They are as pristine white as can be.

The saxifraga just started blooming and although the top of the bloom is pink, the petals are white. I have tried to move starts of this plant to so many different locations but the only spot it thrives is this one, near the entrance to my shady compost area.

Oh heavenly beauty, the white blooming Baptisia is one of my all time favorite flowers in the garden. I wish, I wish, I wish I could find a way to propagate this darling.

One more White Astilbe, the same unknown variety I have in the back bed but this one is out front near the mailbox. Two Astilbe down, only 20 or so more to go ;-)

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  1. Your photographs have become an inspiration each morning. I live in Texas and grow very few flowering plants - I am an artist and flowers are a main subject! Please could I have your permission to use some of your photos for paintings?
    or visit my blog and send me a comment.


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