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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rambling thoughts

Tonight my brain is all discombobulated, there's just so many thoughts tumbling around it after spending the day setting up for our big flower show that opens tomorrow. Rather than form something cohesive from it, I thought I'd just continue to ramble around through some photos I took yesterday.

Cute little birdbath here but I was actually taking a photo of the teeny weeny Aruncus athusifolius seedling just in front of it. So far it's the only Aruncus seedling I found this year.

Want to learn more about Aruncus? After all, it's one of the most perfect perennials for Long Island Gardens. Just click here on Old Country Gardens (after you finish reading this post) and you can see why you need to grow this beauty.

Here's a new little planting area I'm working on. The brown bun at the bottom is a new Sedum I just bought. Hopefully I'll have enough energy to get out there and get the name of it and also remember to post it here someday.

Never be afraid to cut foliage. In order to take the above photo I had to trim back some of the daylily and iris foliage. It was worth it!

Calie the wonder-doodle (with dirt covered nose) is asking me why I'm such a softie that I let that silly Foeniculum vulgare seedling grow right in the middle of her path.

I MUST work on dividing that Hakonacloa macra 'All Gold' clump because it's just breathtaking and I need more, more more!

Hello, I thought I was taking an inspired photo of how these two beds flow together. What the heck is that old pool slide doing stuck in the back of the pool house?

Lamium 'Pink Nancy' (I think), this is what foliage is all about!

Hey, the shade border is filling in nicely. If I squint, I can almost not see the mold covered white vinyl fence at the back...almost...

Ok, time for some paperwork for tomorrow's big day. Hope you get the chance to stop by our flower show and say "hi".


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