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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jigsaw pieces

Sometimes when I have a few spare minutes (not this time of year) I visit a Jigzone and do a jigsaw puzzle online. They let you upload a photo and make a puzzle out of it but I've never done so yet. So here's my version of cutting up a photo. The idea came to me when I was cropping and zooming some photos for my other blog, Old Country Gardens.

Growing along the top of the rock wall here is a little piece of Sedum acre. People are always groaning when they see this plant and tell me that's it's invasive. Well, it's not invasive in the shade but here it is, creeping along the wall in a dry shade location. Can't ask for more lovin' than that!

The Hakonachloa (Japanese forest grass) has a few solid green reversions that I need to get in and pull out. They'll get moved to another place, even as solid green pieces they're well worth growing. The dark purple Heuchera 'Palace Purple' has been there for years and is just fine in this hard to grow location.

At the base of the rocks is a lovely little stand of Asarum europeam (European ginger). It looks better than it's parent which is at the top of the wall and squeezed in on both sides. I've been sneaking out pieces every few days.

Here's the whole photo put together. Isn't it cool! I just love playing with my garden photos.

Off to try to ease my aching back. A hot soak and some muscle cream is in store for me.


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